IPS Cable Simulation User Conference Japan 2020

We are pleased to announce that our partner SCSK Corporation will be holding a User Conference in Japan for IPS Cable Simulation. In consideration of the impact of coronavirus, the event will be organized in a web seminar format to ensure the safety of all participants.

  • Date and Time:

Live Broadcast: Friday, 30th October 2020, 13:00 – 16:30 (JST)

On-Demand: After the live streaming ends to Saturday, 7th November 2020

  • Targeted participants: Customers using IPS Cable Simulation and people interested in the software. Please note that the event is limited to only viewers in Japan.

At the conference, our partner SCSK Corporation will introduce the latest topics of IPS Cable Simulation such as a solution that combines IPS and VR, IPS Flat Cable. Furthermore, participants will have an opportunity to learn interesting use cases from domestic users. For example, the process of introducing IPS at Isuzu Motors Limited, how “I can’t” is replaced by “Yes, you can!” until Isuzu introduced IPS Cable Simulation. What designers used to think was impossible or troublesome, is now possible. Besides that, a case study of Background and Effectiveness of Introducing IPS in Excavator Development will be presented by Sumitomo Construction Machinery Co. In the development of an excavator, the accuracy of the hydraulic hose path design depends largely on the skills of the designer. How IPS supports in improving the accuracy of hydraulic hose design and reduce the work.

This year, our CEO Oliver Hermanns and Thomas Tegen (Product Owner of IPS Cable Simulation) will present very interesting topics at the conference:

  • Automated mechanical design of wiring harnesses in virtual vehicles
  • Preview of new features and outlook roadmap

The event will be exciting not only for IPS Cable Simulation users but also for customers who are considering implementing the product. We hope that you will take this opportunity to attend and discover the excellent IPS Cable Simulation software for 3D mechanical design, optimization, virtual assembly and digital mock-up of wires, wiring harnesses and hoses.

We would like to send our sincere thanks to our partner SCSK for organizing the conference. We are looking forward to a successful event in Japan. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you need any further information about the event.


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