IPS provides capabilities throughout the process, from concept and design through assembly and production planning until the After-Sales. The world's leading manufacturing companies use IPS for tasks ranging from flexible components design, assembly feasibility, robot optimization to simulation of complex flow and surface treatment processes.

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Cable installation in the wheel arch Show video

Cable installation in the wheel arch

– Situation: There are increasing functions which need to be built into small spaces of the wheel arch, e.g. wheel rotation sensors, electronic parting brakes or damper controls. It requires accordingly many cables, which must be installed. ... See more

“This increasing complexity in the wheel arch gave us the idea for a software application that visualises the optimal routing of the cables” (Matthias Mehnert, Head of the Coroplast Service Center in Großmehring)

– Coroplast explains: “IPS simulation software realistically reflects the situation in the assembly space three-dimensionally in the form of animations, making it possible to calculate points of contact, collision and high stress with great precision. The technology also enables bending radii, applied forces, rotations and tensions to be analysed and optimised on the basis of the simulation data”

– Result: “Development progresses faster, as fewer prototypes have to be built and fewer iterations are needed. In short, the software saves both time and costs” (Coroplast, 2019)

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Determination of the required cable over-length for the assembly of an infotainment system Show video

Determination of the required cable over-length for the assembly of an infotainment system

The installation of a car radio is usually one of the last steps of a car’s assembly. This is why difficulties related to the reduced installation space often occur. ... See more

To guarantee a successful installation of the radio, the wires have to be longer than they would need to be for its proper use. Nevertheless, this overlength needed for the assembly increases the risk of collisions for the wires. There is a higher probability for self-contact and contact to other objects. In addition, there is a risk of buckling and damage in the installation phase. To minimize these risks, the ideal lengths for the cables can be determined with the help of IPS Cable Simulation.


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Wiper Unit Simulation using IMMA, Path Planning and Cable Simulation Show video

Wiper Unit Simulation using IMMA, Path Planning and Cable Simulation

This use case is the perfect example of applications taking the path planning for objects, the digital human model and the attached flexibles into account.       ... See more

A collsion-free path for the wiper unit could be planned with the IPS Path Planner using this path the assembly task was checked for the human with the help of IPS IMMA and additionally the contact handling, gravity influences and flexible behavior of the hose can be checked with IPS Cable Simulation.

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Engine hoses – Mechanical behaviour Show video

Engine hoses – Mechanical behaviour

This design project was concerned with the ideal length of hoses in the engine compartment, which is necessary to analyze the stress during engine movement. ... See more

For this purpose, the CAD model of the vehicle was loaded into IPS Cable Simulation, the hoses were automatically flexibilized using the specified connection points and the kinematic movement mapped. The hose lengths were varied and the respective stress was displayed by the software in real time. Thus the optimum length could be successfully determined. In addition, material stress and installation space requirements were reduced considerably, since IPS Cable Simulation can be used to determine the optimum routing with the fastening points for clips and hose guides.

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